What is the Internship program?

The Internship program offers an unpaid professional Internship placement with a host organisation aimed at providing university students with practical experience in their field of study. The Internship program can be undertaken with or without an Intensive English course.

The Internship program comprises three main elements specifically designed for interns to enjoy a successful Internship with their host organisation:

1.       Language Training

2.       Business Training

3.       Cultural Development

The purpose of an Internship is two-fold. Interns will gain work experience that will assist them with their future career search while also improving their language skills and experiencing Australia culture.

Program objectives

•         To enhance the intern’s skills in his or her field of study or interest through participation in a structured program.

•         To improve the intern’s ability to use English in an authentic professional context.

•         To improve the participant’s knowledge of Australian techniques, methodologies or expertise within his or her field of endeavour.

•         To enable the intern to understand Australian culture and society.