English for Childcare

This course is ideal for anyone who might like to work in a job looking after children in an English speaking situation. Our English for Childcare course will help to prepare you to work in the very rewarding field of childcare using English, possibly as an Au pair or nanny while you travel the world. Alternatively, you might be interested in a real career in childcare, in which case our course will also equip you better to undertake future study in a variety of certificate or diploma courses.

The course will help you communicate with children and their families, and with other sections of the community when caring for children. It will give you the vocabulary and practice the language you need to perform the very important duties of taking care of children. It will also help you to understand and use the language related to essential matters such as medical and safety information relating to children.

Please note: our English for Childcare course can help you with both getting a job and then successfully working with children. However, this is not a formal childcare qualification but a language course to assist those seeking to work in the field.